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PedalFest raises funds to support the Pediatric Services Financial Assistance Program.

The Heartspring Pediatric Services Financial Assistance Program supports more than 100 local families. Even the "best" insurance often only covers a fraction of the cost of therapies, putting payout limits on the amount covered for services, leaving families to pay for the remainder. The funds raised in special events, like PedalFest, play an important role in ensuring that all children can receive the services that they need to become the best that they can be.

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Total amount of financial assistance provided in FY2011.



Number of families who received financial assistance in FY2011.

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Number of reduced-rate therapies provided by financial assistance.

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Challenge Yourself

Set a personal fitness goal and register for the 50K or 100K ride.


Form a Team

Support each other by training and riding in PedalFest 2012.


Raise Money

Heartspring's Financial Assistance Program supports over 100 local families.


Win Prizes

Your fundraising efforts will help children with special needs. But they can also win you great prizes!

...so they can run, walk, and play


Benefits of bike riding for children with special needs

Raising money for the financial assistance fund provides therapies to children who need it most. For example, physical therapy can help improve motor skills and coordination and teach skills such as bike riding.


Increased independence.

Recreation and leisure skills such as learning to ride a bike increase an individual's sense of independence when they pedal and steer a bike on their own.

Source of Reward!

Motivating tool.

Cycling is rewarding and fun, and can be used as a motivator for completion of tasks and good behavior.

Peer to Peer Interaction!

Peer to peer interaction.

Making friends is often difficult for children with communication disorders such as autism. Learning to ride a bike is another way for children to interact with their peers.

Healthy Lifestyle!

Healthy lifestyle.

Children with special needs have seen decreased behaviors and increased success when participating in healthy lifestyle activities such as bike riding.

Travis Grover, MSE

Pedaling a tricycle or bicycle provides an opportunity to participate in an activity that will increase anyone's overall physical fitness levels to create a healthier lifestyle. Physical activity can be instrumental for a person with autism to assist with his or her sensory integration, coordination, muscle tone and social skills development. I believe that every child at Heartspring should have every opportunity to increase their quality of life.

— Travis Grover, MSE Heartspring adapted physical education instructor